Meet the Crew

A bit about our team...

Splashdown Divers has a great history of being at the forefront of Drift Diving evolution in Florida. Splashdown Divers is famous for precision drops, which get it’s divers EXACTLY to the best parts of Boynton Beach. Also for some of the best drift and wreck diving in Florida.

While the “Art of Drift Driving” was first created by Frank Hammett off of Palm Beach in the late 50’s, no one in the world has taken it farther than Splashdown Divers. What it means to most divers, is that when they reach the bottom they are EXACTLY on the reef or wreck they expected to be on. It is effortless, the diver just drifts — the Captain and boat do all the work.

In all the world, This is the place to LEARN TO DRIFT DIVE, by the people that do it the best!

Meet the Team...

Everyone that works for Splashdown is committed to providing a level of service that will feel familiar to the Dive Tourists staying at 4 and 5 Star Hotels. We want to help you as much fun as you possibly can with all the safety you would expect.

Dave: Owner and Captain

Captain, EMT Instructor, PADI Instructor, long time scuba diving and snorkeling enthusiast. Dave wants you to enjoy your diving with us.

Eric: Dive Guide and Crew

Eric has been diving fo 15 years.

Dive Guide and Crew...