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David Read's personal web site is an ambitious work in progress that does a great job of covering the basics of photography and goes on to apply these basics to advanced underwater photography. If you are serious about learning all you can about underwater photography, this site is a must read.

digitaldiver.com  is dedicated to collecting and providing the latest information on underwater digital photography for divers. The site includes forums where you can get straight answers to underwater photography questions.

H2Oinsurance.com settles claims in a speedy and efficient manner. All they ask is that you provide documentation of the costs to repair or replace the items. Click here for more information on insurance.

Ikelite's web site is the place to go to find the retail prices for available housings, strobes, and accessories. The site is also a good place to go for detailed help on setting up your equipment. And if all else fails, the email and telephone support available from the site is world class.

Sea Vision If you need glasses on the surface you need glasses underwater. The best solution is custom optics with your exact prescription. However, simple "gauge readers" may work fine if you only need help up close.

As to price I have never understood peoples reluctance to spend as much on their mask as they do for a pair of glasses. They spend $2000 plus for their dive gear, $$$ for their camera rig, more $$$ to go on dive trips and then balk at spending $200 to be able to see underwater. Go figure.

Note: Don't get color correcting lenses unless you try them first. About all they did for me when I tried them was to knock down the light by about 1 f stop. Thus I recommend clear lenses.

Reef Photo & Video is a reliable and completive source for housings, strobes, and lenses. While you may be able to do a little better if you shop around, Ryan's advice on the details of what you need and don't need will save you money and you will have the comfort of knowing you bought the right thing. A typical quote from a user form says it all "I talked to Ryan Canon and he was able to offer insight into every aspect of selecting the equipment that would fit my dive/photo profile. Right down to the carrying case!"

wetpixel.com  is dedicated to collecting and providing the latest information on underwater digital photography for divers. The site includes forums where you can get straight answers to underwater photography questions.

Olympus C-4040/5050/5060

Andrzej Wrotniak's personal web site section on Photo Tidbits Olympus Camedia C-5050Z is a must read for all experienced 5050 users. While based on land based photography, the information provides major insights into the workings of the camera and how to best take advantage of some of the cameras more arcane features.

Olympus USA Sales is a good source of sales and service information for Olympus products.

Olympus USA Service service is terrible. The people are friendly but powerless in the face of the total disconnect that exists between them and Olympus Inc. Avoid working with Olympus service if at all possible.

Nikon D70

Thom Hogan's Complete Guide to the Nikon D70. This eBook is the definitive D70 instruction guide. The Nikon User Manual tells you the what's what. Thom's ebook tells you how and why.

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