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Splashdown Divers - Boynton Beach, Florida - Site Map    Splashdown Divers - Boynton Beach, Florida - Site Map

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Local Diving - Overview

Boynton Beach reef and wreck dive sites are well suited to scuba divers of all experience levels with coral reefs ranging from 45 feet to 85 feet deep and ship wrecks at 85 and 95 feet. Inhabitants include just about every fish and critter in Paul Humann's series of books.

--- Boynton Reef Diving ---

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Our favorite Boynton reef dives ... the Horse Shoe and Casino North of the Boynton Inlet and South of the inlet the Boynton Reef ( Lynn's Reef, Castle, Gazebo, etc.) and  the Delray Ledges. For details on these and other reefs, see Reef Sites on the left menu.

Typical depths of our reefs are 45 feet to 60 feet on the inside edge and tops of the reefs and 85 feet deep on the outside edges.

On reef dives, you drift dive in small groups, each group with it's own flag and float. When you surface, the boat is there waiting for you. Cool!

--- Boynton Wreck Diving ---

Captain Tony

Our favorite Boynton wreck dives ... the Captain Tony a.k.a. M/V Becks (85 fsw), and the Budweiser Bar (95 fsw). And our newest wreck, the M/V Castor (110 fsw). For details on these and other wrecks, see Ship Wrecks on the left menu.

On wreck dives, you follow a line down to the wreck and come up the same line at the end of the dive. It's just that easy.

--- Lobstering ---

LobstersHunting Spiny lobsters is a favorite activity of many of our customers. The season runs from late July/early August through March. Click here for details on this years schedule.

Note: Spiny Lobster hunters must have a valid  Florida Saltwater Fishing License and Spiny Lobster Upgrade Stamp. Click here for information on instant licensing or call 888-347-4356 to get licensed now.

There is no end to the dive season in Palm Beach County. True, the water is warmer in the summer. But in the winter, underwater visibility improves with the reduction of algae in the water. To stay warm, just bring your exposure suit and let our hot water shower do the rest.

Spent a glorious week diving the healthiest reefs we've seen.  I could never list all the things I saw. Grab a camera and jump on Splashdown's boat.

Trish Ross-Schulenberg


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