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What do you need for Your best diving experience?

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Dive with Goliaths

Advanced Divers and World Travelers, get to be "all that they can be" here. You can do dives up to an hour long. You can dive solo, with a buddy, or in a group.

September and October are spectacular months for seeing huge aggregations of Goliaths on the wreck of the Castor.

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If Hotel arrangements or Rental car needs are your concern, we have great "Diver Rates" with Hotels covering the spectrum of 2 star to 4 star Hotels, that want divers !

We have nearby Entertainment Districts -- Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach, or Downtown Lake Worth, and close access to some of the best restaurants or shopping in South Florida.

Tell us what you need, we should have a staff member that specializes in the area of your interest.

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Dive Instruction

Master classes in Drift Diving, optimal Buoyancy, and Propulsion.

Some divers with little Drift diving experience, will opt to begin with one of our master classes on Drift Diving or other specialty skill they would like to have for their Boynton Adventures--or for anywhere else in the world, afterwards. Those that do, love how easily they can learn to use the drift current to make all diving easier--reef or wreck.

Drift Diving was invented in Palm Beach, and in addition to great instruction, Splashdown has a "core group" of weekly regulars that love to share their dives with newcomers to our area.


Advanced Divers

We have a brand new Wonder Dive we call Lobster Country Safari....it is between 120 and 130 feet deep---No One has been diving this, and it is FULL of bugs!

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Want Vivid Colors like Indonesia, without the 30 hour flight times?

Seeing is Believing.

This is Lynn's Reef, just south of Boynton Inlet ! Most of our divers use scuba on this reef for an hour long at a time.

We have some freedivers that will dive this reef continously for 4 hours at a time!

Top of the Reef Crown here is 36 feet deep. Bottom of the inshore ledge about 50 feet deep.

See it for yourself!

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Hampton Inn Boynton

5 minutes away from Splashdown. Most divers have enough experience with Hampton Inn's to know what a great job the Hampton will do in making a Dive Vacation optimal, from the hotel side. Diver Rates if you mention Splashdown from $92 per night....Call ASAP for this weekend! More on the Hampton at

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Inn at Boynton Beach

Diver Rates

About 2 minutes from Splashdown!

Diver Rates for Splashdown, even this late for Labor Day Weekend, are as low as $72 ! Call 561-734-9100 and book now, or visit http://www.innatboyntonbeach.com/

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Boynton Beach

About 7 to 8 minutes away, in walking distance to dozens of restaurants and Cafes.

Great deals for Families or 2 or more couples enjoying Dive Travel together..Huge .2 Bedroom Suites to sleep 4 to 6 divers from $189 per night! Rooms from $82 per night.

Courtyard Marriott Boynton

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