About Us

Splashdown Divers is owned & operated by Captain Dave Cullen.  Our boat The Delta’s Splash is a 36′ Delta Dive Boat (twin engine) that gives us fast and reliable access to the most incredible diving South Florida has to offer!  With over 40 years of experience as a boat captain, as well as diving, instructing and operating dive shops, Captain Dave has a passion and commitment to the dive industry that really shows. 

We always look forward to sharing with you what we consider to be an incredible hidden secret here just off of the Boynton Beaches.  Whether that means exploring the inside edge with its miles of pristine ledges or maybe the outside fingers where the wild things live.  Because this is a family-run operation, our promise to you is that once you come aboard you are treated like family.  You can rest assured that no matter what your preference is, the crew aboard Delta’s Splash will leave you wanting to return over and over again!!!  This is what gives us our loyal community of divers who keep coming back. We love our dive Family !  We hope  we will see you back with us again and again.

Splashdown Divers has a great history of being at the forefront of Drift Diving evolution in South Florida. Splashdown Divers is famous for precision drops, which get it’s divers EXACTLY to the best parts of Boynton Beach. Also for some of the best drift and wreck diving in Florida.

While the “Art of Drift Driving” was first created by Frank Hammett off of Palm Beach in the late 50’s, no one in the world has taken it farther than Splashdown Divers. What it means to most divers, is that when they reach the bottom they are EXACTLY on the reef or wreck they expected to be on. It is effortless, the diver just drifts — the Captain and boat do all the work.

In all the world, This is the place to LEARN TO DRIFT DIVE, by the people that do it the best!

Splashdown Divers is a Recipe for RELAXATION!


Our divers are fun and friendly

With more than 25 years in operation, Splashdown Divers has a certain kind of diver it attracts. Happy, social, sightseer and photographer. People that enjoy being with like minded fun people.

Delta's Splash was made to be comfortable

There is lots of room when sitting with tanks, lots of shade and a roomy marine head. Also there is a hot water shower. The deck of the Delta’s Splash is wide and clear for you to easily move about, with half of the deck covered by an extended hardtop, you can be in the sun or the shade… it’s your choice.

Boynton Beach Turtle
Hour Long Dives

Most of hour divers spend the majority of their time on reef areas, average depth of 55 or 60 feet. Some begin on 90 foot depths and then swim up onto the crown and shallow reef for the rest of the dive… its your choice because its your dive. Our divers have an hour to do whatever profiles they like.

Fast and Stable boat in high seas

We like to get our divers to sites quickly to enjoy as much time down below as possible. If you are not in your wetsuit by the time we leave the inlet, we may be on the dive site before you get geared up.

We are lucky to have lots of calm dive days, particularly in summer. If weather kicks up while we are out, Delta’s Splash is a remarkably stable boat.

We have some amazing reefs...

Most divers would think they would need to travel to far of areas for vibrant colors and massive volume of marine life that they find right here in our backyard when diving Boynton Beach, come and see for yourself.

Capt. Dave

Capt Dave wants you to enjoy your diving with us. With over 40 years on the water as a boat captain, owning multiple dive operations, being a PADI dive instructor, as well as being a EMT/Paramedic instructor who has a passion and commitment to the dive industry that really shows. He wants you to feel like family the moment you come aboard.

Everyone that works for Splashdown is committed to providing a level of service that will feel familiar to the Dive Tourists staying at 4 and 5 Star Hotels. We want to help you as much fun as you possibly can with all the safety you would expect.

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