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Freediving & Snorkeling


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What is freediving?
Is it the same as snorkeling?

Nearly everyone has snorkeled: swimming on the surface, looking into the depths below. Maybe even some shallow dives. Freediving (also known as BREATH HOLD DIVING , or APNEA) is more than snorkeling; it´s more than SCUBA.

Freediving is longer and deeper dives--Recreational freedivers dive to 50-100 feet (or more), and hold their breath for 2-4 minutes: these are people like you and me --Elite freedivers dive to 300-400 feet (or more), and can hold their breath up to 10 minutes: you can use the same techniques they use, for recreational diving


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Freediving in Palm Beach County

As a freediver you can:

Explore the clear and year-round warm waters of Palm Beach County

Discover shipwrecks and miles of pristine coral reefs

Interact with extraordinary marine life

  • Sea turtles
  • Goliath grouper
  • Eagle rays and stingrays
  • Reef and pelagic fish
  • Many species of sharks
Freediving is a sport with specialized training, techniques and equipment —that let´s you dive deeper, longer and more comfortably on a single breath than you may think possible. Freedivers do this with mask, fins and snorkel: no air tanks or special equipment Freedivers use their mind and bodies, and their innate mammalian dive reflex(abilities humans share with dolphin, seals and whales) to dive safely and comfortably as deep as SCUBA divers (and deeper)

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Want Vivid Colors like Indonesia, without the 30 hour flight times?

Seeing is Believing... Lynn's Reef, just south of Boynton Inlet ! The top of this reef is 37 to 40 feet deep. Swim down just 25 feet, and you feel like the reef is your new home :-)

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The way the world learns to freedive...

Become a PADI Freediver: Level 1 certification


Independent study on the PADI Freediver Touch app (knowledge development on your iOS or Android device or laptop)

Learn the basic skills that every freediver uses:

  • breathing
  • relaxation
  • finning and hydrodynamics
  • safety and rescue

The Mammalian Dive Reflex:

  • learn how your body works in the underwater environment
  • learn how to use your natural diving abilities to dive deeper and longer than you thought possible
  • learn how to strengthen your abilities, and engage them when you want them

Freediving Equipment

  • What long-blade fins are, and why freedivers use them
  • Why low-volume masks work best for freediving
  • Wetsuit options: what may work best for you
  • Freediving computers: the information you want, on your wrist
  • You can use your current equipment for PADI Freediver

Proper Weighting and Buoyancy

Safety and rescue: enjoy the underwater world safely

Discussion, pool and ocean sessions

PADI Freedivers typically learn to hold their breath for 2-4 minutes, and dive to 50 feet (or more): in a safe and supervised environment

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Courses, Charters and Pricing

PADI Freediver (Level 1 certification): $450

  • includes PADI Freediver Touch app, pool and ocean sessions
  • inquire about equipment (you can use most of your current equipment)


Private courses: $2,000 (1-2 divers)

  • learn to freedive on your own schedule
  • if you prefer, use your own pool and/or boat

PADI Advanced and Master Freediver (Level 2 and 3): please call regarding pricing and schedule

PADI Freediver Instructor course: please call regarding pricing and schedule

Private freediving charters (including spearfishing): please call regarding pricing and availability

Learn to Freedive with the United States most experienced and successful freediver: Robert King (www.RobertKingDiving.com)
  • The only PADI and AIDA Master Instructor in the United States
  • 21-time United States freediving record holder
  • 5-time member of United States national freediving team (to AIDA freediving world championships)
  • 4-time elected judge for AIDA freediving world championships
  • Past Vice President and Director: AIDA International (international governing body for the sport of freediving)
  • AIDA Managing Judge
  • 1st Place overall: 2008 Triple Depth (Red Sea)
  • 3rd Place overall: 2012 Vertical Blue (Dean’s Blue Hole, Bahamas)

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Discover the underwater wonders of Palm Beach County, freediving with Splashdown Divers.


Family Snorkling classes, based on the PADI Skin Diver Course, are available also! See the video below to see how Splashdown and it's instructors, have been helping Project Seahorse teach snorkeling to kids!

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