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Meet the Crew

Would you like to meet the divers that work for Splashdown?

Key Points

You are allowed up to an hour for each dive on Splashdown ...

each half day trip is 2 dives, with up to an hour surface interval between. You decide your profiles--how long for the depth of the site.

Typically there is a Dive Guide in the water ...

to lead a group if this is requested. If you want your own Flag, and to do your own adventuring without the Dive guide--welcome to what most of our regulars do :-)

The Boynton Reefs are known to be shallow...

as shallow as 40 feet on many of the reef crowns, with inshore ledges at around 55 feet deep, or alternatively, the deeper our side over the "fingers" is around 95 feet to the sand. While shallow, this is a place top adventure divers and experts from all over the world love...


We were motoring around on top of a 225 foot deep wreck in a 4 knot current. We thought it would not be possible. Lynn knew how fast my buddies and I drop from a few recreational dives we'd done with her... and she calculated the trajectory we would need in her mind.....She even asked us if we would like to land on the Wheel House....Ha Ha.......In fact, we dropped right on the wheel house....That was the first amazing "Deep Dive" we did with Lynn, the first of many. She is amazing!

Bill Mee Famous Tech and Cave diver of WKPP

I like doing hour long dives, and not having our dive sites chosen by an instructor with a bunch of "barely able to swim divers". Lynn does not allow this, it's one of very few boats where you never have to worry about students ruining your choice of dive sites. And, Lynn makes diving fun....If we can't be having FUN out there, then why do it ? :-)

Sandra Edwards Locally Famous U/W Photographer

A bit about our team...

Splashdown Dive Charters has a great history of being at the forefront of Drift Diving evolution in Florida. Lynn is world famous for her precision drops, which get her divers EXACTLY to a mental bullseye she will have of the bottom, so that the divers get to see EXACTLY the best parts of Boynton Beach. Splashdown is famous for some of the best drift diving and wreck diving in Florida. ...


While the "Art of Drift Diving" was first created by Frank Hammett off of Palm Beach in the late 50's, no one in the world has taken this farther than Captain Lynn Simmons. What this means to most divers, is that when they reach the bottom, they are in EXACTLY the place on the reef or wreck they could only have hoped to be on, if they knew the reef. It is effortless, the diver just drifts--the Captain and boat do all the work :-)

In all the world, THIS is the place to LEARN DRIFT DIVING, by the people that do it the best!

Meet the team...

Everyone that works for Splashdown is committed to providing a level of service that will feel familiar to the Dive Tourists staying at 4 AND 5 Star Hotels. We want to help you to have as much fun as you possibly can.


Captain Lynn

Marine Biologist, long time diver & u/w photographer, and owner of Splashdown Divers....Lynn knows exactly where the best spots are, and the best ways for her dive guests to enjoy the Boynton Beach reefs and wrecks.



Woody is a Dive Guide, he specializes in finding incredible sights for divers.



Larry is a Divemaster and Dive Guide extraordinaire.



He swims like a fish, and follows our divers around like a butler . Best chance of diving with him is when we do the Castor :-)



Sandra Edwards is a famous and funny local photographer. Divers can request her to accompany them on an upcoming dive, and to shoot magazine quality photos for their Facebook or Instagram/postcard type sharing, or for old fashioned prints :-) Call Splashdown at least a week ahead of time to reserve this!